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Director, Learning

Posted by | June 22, 2020 |


CityBridge Education’s vision is for the nation’s capital to be the first city-level proof point for an excellent, equitable education system. A Washington, DC-based nonprofit, we incubate the people, ideas, and conversations needed for equity-centered innovation in DC’s public schools. We do this by identifying talented leaders and school designers who can solve the educational needs and challenges of DC families, deploying particular effort to recruiting leaders of color. We then incubate and invest in the best of their ideas and, together, bring to market the next generation of transformational public schooling. 



Your role will be to document and analyze the findings and impact of current and former CityBridge program participants and entrepreneurs. You will also work across the organization to help instill a discipline of gathering and making sense of data to help CityBridge as a whole strengthen our designs and operations. Your approach will be strengths-based, identity-affirming, rigorous, and solutions-oriented. You believe that qualitative and quantitative data abounds and that it is up to all of us to systematically collect and use it to learn how things are working and how they can be improved.

More specifically, your role will entail:

1. Building the discipline of learning (40%): Working with the Incubation team, you will help build the processes and protocols that the designers will use to collect data on how their prototypes, pilots, and ventures are working. You will create and regularly update a dashboard summarizing the learnings and impact of those participating in our programming.

2. Documentarian (40%): You will work directly with designers in CityBridge programming, observing and documenting their work as they design and implement innovative and equitable educational experiences for young people. You will convert this material into case studies from which CityBridge and the broader educational ecosystem can learn.

3. Researcher (20%): You will work with the Senior Director, Research and Special Projects to identify emerging, relevant trends in DC education and in educational research more broadly. You will help CityBridge interpret these trends for programming and planning purposes.



  • 7+ years of experience in qualitative and quantitative education research and/or evaluation
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent critical thinking capacity and a willingness to go against the grain in pursuit of truth
  • Demonstrated capacity to facilitate adult learning
  • Knowledge of urban education, curriculum, and instruction; experience as PK-12 educator preferred
  • Strong commitment to racial equity
  • A high level of emotional intelligence and an understanding of how identity and power play into the work of research and evaluation
  • The capacity to toggle between multiple projects and workstreams, as well as between strategic planning and practical execution
  • Demonstrated growth mindset
  • Interest in working in an entrepreneurial environment



The salary range for this position is $95,000–$105,000, commensurate with experience, and a comprehensive benefits package includes health (medical, dental, vision) insurance, 401k match, and unlimited vacation days. We expect the new Director to commit to at least two years at CityBridge Education. 



You will report to: Senior Director, Research and Special Projects

You may manage: Consultants brought on to delve into specific aspects of education in DC

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Story Editor

Posted by | February 6, 2020 |

Chalkbeat the growing nonprofit news organization telling the story of public education across the country, seeks a story editor who will make our stories sing.

Chalkbeat has seven bureaus — Indiana, New York, Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Newark, and Tennessee — plus a national desk. The story editor will edit two bureaus to be determined. Stories include daily news pieces, step-back analyses, and longer enterprise work. Our story editing process is thorough, collaborative, precise, and fast-paced. Story editors work one-on-one with bureau chiefs and reporters, providing crucial perspective, adding regional or national context, and ensuring that stories read logically, adhere to Chalkbeat style, and are properly sourced. While each piece that comes across the transom is different, all of our stories taken together should add up to a coherent whole, and the story editor is essential to achieving that goal through a mix of line editing, copy editing, and pulled-back critical thinking.

This position will report to the managing editor for style and standards.

Who are you?

You’re a diehard and experienced editor fluent in AP Style who believes that equity in education and incisive education coverage are critical to civic life. Although this position does not manage writers directly, you possess a mentoring spirit that’s able to coax the best story possible from reporters both green and seasoned. You believe it’s better to teach than to tell. You live by your gut instinct for a good story and whack your way through unnecessary words to smooth and tighten. You can write nut grafs in your sleep. You’re used to being busy and you thrive under pressure. You edit quickly and will occasionally work late.

Required background and skills:

  • 5+ years experience in daily journalism
  • Expertise in story shaping, line editing, and copy editing. 
  • Experience working in a CMS.
  • Stellar news judgment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a knack for working with opinionated reporters and editors.
  • Passion for education is a must; knowledge of education is a plus, but not required.
  • Journalism experience in New York, Denver, Indianapolis, Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, Newark, and/or the Bay Area is a plus.

Note: We know there are great candidates who may not have all the skills we list, or who have other skills we haven’t thought of. If that sounds like you, please still apply and tell us more about yourself!

The ideal candidate is based in New York or another Chalkbeat bureau, but remote candidates will be considered.

This is a full-time position with benefits. Chalkbeat offers a competitive salary, commensurate with experience, and a generous benefits package, including a paid winter recess from Dec. 24-Jan. 1.

About Chalkbeat:

Chalkbeat is the nonprofit news organization committed to covering one of America’s most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children, especially those who have historically lacked access to a quality education. We are mission-driven journalists who believe that an independent local press is vital to ensuring that education improves. Currently in seven locations and growing, we seek to provide deep local coverage of education policy and practice that informs decisions and actions, leading to better schools. Read more about our mission, values, and five-year strategic plan.

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Learning Specialist

Posted by | January 21, 2020 |

Who We Are

Our mission is to transform the lives of students – especially those who will be the first in their family to attend college – by preparing them for success in college, career, and life.

At Envision Education, we believe the current achievement gap reflects a systemic failure to understand how kids learn, what motivates them to learn, and what they need in order to learn well. We know that vibrant learning communities apply compassion and high expectations to inspire and empower students.  With a population that is 75% first-generation college bound, our approach is specifically designed to increase student engagement, deepen integration and understanding, promote active learning, and ensure college success.

Envision Education is a national model for using Performance Assessment to prepare students for success in college and in life.  Envision Education operates three small high schools and one middle school. Graduates go on to succeed in college at significantly higher rates than their peers: 99% attend college and 90% persist once they get there.


APPLY HERE: Envision Careers

LOCATIONS: City Arts and Technology High School, San Francisco – Envision Academy High School, Oakland – Impact Academy High School, Hayward – Impact Academy Middle School, Hayward


Our Approach

Our educators create project-based assignments and leverage technology in order to challenge students to think critically, solve problems resourcefully, and collaborate productively. Students have an opportunity to use these skills and show what they know through portfolio defenses. Envision students graduate by presenting a comprehensive defense of their high school education, demonstrating their readiness for college and career. Similar to a master’s thesis defense, these presentations are required to graduate and are invaluable in preparing for life after high school. They practice for these defenses through regular exhibitions and in-class presentations.  Read about our approach here:



Position Description:

Within our community of professional practice, the role of Learning Specialist is that of co-teacher and collaborator who meets regularly with the general education team.  With opportunities to provide professional development, provide support to develop Response to Intervention (RTI), and collaborate with general education staff, the position of Learning Specialist is uniquely positioned for leadership development and growth within the organization. The Learning Specialist is a member of the teaching staff and reports directly to the Principal. Envision Education is looking for passionate Special Educators who are interested in being part of this innovative model and have a desire to support learning and postsecondary success for all students in the urban communities of the Bay area.


Essential Responsibilities:

  • Provide instruction and support to students with special education needs to achieve IEP goals, as well as quarterly progress monitoring of each student’s IEP goals.
  • Ensure access to learning in the core program and guide progress towards graduation standards and requirements.
  • Develop individualized, appropriate academic, transition, and behavioral goals based on Envision Education Graduation Portfolio Standards, the 21st Century Leadership Skills standards, and secondary content standards.
  • Knowledgeably identify, guide, and implement appropriate accommodations, and/or modifications to ensure students’ learning success in the general education classroom.
  • Co-Teach with general education teachers in the general education classroom.
  • Maintain a system of progress monitoring that informs and guides instruction and planning for your caseload.
  • Regularly analyze student data to improve instruction, ensure equity and make program recommendations and improvements.
  • Collaborate with a student’s advisor, testing coordinator and college counselor to provide, as required by a student’s IEP, appropriate documentation for participation with accommodations in standardized testing, SAT, ACT or other pre- college admission activities.
  • With the student and family, develop “person-centered” transition plans beginning in 9th grade to cultivate college-going identity or post-secondary planning leading to successful high school graduation or completion.
  • Maintain a record of all parent communication both informal and formal with relevant dates, times, and content. Parent communication should be recorded in SEIS.
  • Assist with the monitoring of arrival, dismissal, and lunch according to an agreed upon schedule.
  • Be the leader of IEP teams, facilitator of IEP meetings, conduct assessments, and prepare IEP reports. Understand guidelines for suspension and expulsion of students with IEPs and ensure procedural rights.
  • Develop and implement appropriate Behavior Support Plans or behavior management techniques for use in instructional and interpersonal activities.
  • Collaborate with administrators, teachers and instructional assistants in developing and monitoring the success of students in the general education program.
  • Meet regularly with general education teachers to ensure access to learning in the core program and guide progress towards graduation standards and requirements.
  • Develop positive relationships with parents, engaging them in the IEP process by conducting interviews and conferences with parents and discussing student progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop, coordinate and provide ongoing professional development activities for general and special education teachers.
  • Train and provide direction and guidance to assigned Instructional Assistants.
  • Collaborate with other members of the special education team, such as SLP to integrate services and address the needs of the “whole student.”
  • Create and maintain notifications, records, files, and reports as required by federal, state and SELPA regulations.
  • Administer academic diagnostic tests and provide clear written reports of learning progress or need.
  • Provide leadership as a member of the school-wide team to implement RTI.
  • Maintain knowledge of current regulations and best practices pertaining to special education.




  • Secondary Special Education experience
  • California Teaching Credential with appropriate special education endorsement
  • Knowledge of California Secondary Content Standards and Project-based learning
  • Commitment to working with an ethnically, linguistically and economically diverse student body


Core Competencies

  • Be committed to serving students in the Least Restrictive Environment
  • Possess a positive, strong, warm demander stance
  • Be results-oriented and approach students’ needs with a sense of urgency
  • Employ best teaching practices
  • Create a Learning Center environment that is structured, positive and organized. Know students well and communicate effectively with students and parents around goals and progress
  • Mentor and support students and hold them to high academic and socio-behavioral standards
  • Be a strong team member who is self-reflective, implements feedback, and consistently seeks to improve his/her practice



Compensation and Benefits: Competitive based on credential, education, and experience; Paid sick leave; Retirement system from STRS; Excellent health benefits package with employer contribution to benefits; Optional Flexible Benefits Plan; 403b Plan; Commuter Check Plans; Life Insurance at no cost to employee



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Chief Academic Officer

Posted by | January 21, 2020 |



Envision is seeking a dynamic, experienced educator and leader to build on the successes of our three high schools and two middle schools and establish Envision Schools as exemplar schools of equity and excellence for our students and for Envision Learning Partners.  The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) will do this by providing vision, management experience, educational expertise, and operational oversight. The CAO will partner with Envision’s Senior Leadership Team to achieve our goals by 2025: 

  • 95% of graduates will be accepted into a 4-year college
  • All student subgroups will meet or exceed statewide performance on SBAC
  • 90+% of those who go to 4-year college will persist due to their growth on 1-2 key SEL measures (to be established based on upcoming research) through Envision’s Portfolio Defense system, thus tapping into their own power regardless of their marginalized status in society at large.


The Chief Academic Officer is responsible for ensuring academic success across the entire network of schools. The CAO leads the academic program and the implementation of our Portfolio Defense system, oversees our schools, and manages, coaches and develops our principals, the Director of Special Education, Director of Instruction, and Director of Math. The CAO leads the organization in the planning, development, implementation, delivery, and evaluation of instructional programs for all students; provides decisive, dynamic leadership and supervision of curriculum and instruction; provides direction and inspiration for our continual improvement in academic content standards and assessment, teaching and learning, and professional development; ensures compliance with policies, practices and procedures. 


Reporting: This position reports directly to the CEO and serves on the organization’s Senior Leadership Team.




  • Creates a bold strategic vision for the network academic model, guided by Envision’s graduate profile, incorporates evidence-based best practices, aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessments, meets state, federal, and college/career requirements, and meets the needs of all students 
  • With input from key stakeholders, develops network strategy for implementation of the academic model and resource allocation to achieve desired student outcomes
  • Ensures that academic model includes high expectations and an effective tiered system of supports to meet the needs of all students, including special populations (e.g., Special Education, English learners, and other groups)
  • Ensures (and is ultimately responsible for) continuous improvement of student outcomes
  • Promotes educational equity (equitable outcomes and processes) as a guiding principle across the entire school network, and ensures it is reflected in curriculum, instruction, and assessment systems
  • Ensures close partnership, mutual learning and synergy with Envision Learning Partners


  • Directs and coaches school leaders on school management, including planning, staffing, program, culture, curriculum, instruction, and assessments
  • Leads the schools in continuous improvement of programs and systems, including the development of school plans and key performance indicators, and setting high expectations and standards for quality teaching and learning that align with mission and organizational culture
  • Acts as sounding board and advisor to principals to support and coach them in moments of challenge, continuously providing thought partnership, moral support, and drives toward student achievement
  • Defines and monitors key metrics to determine success of school network and foster data-driven continuous improvement
  • Fosters a collaborative and results driven culture across the network of schools



  • Continually aligns and refines academic model, professional development, and coaching systems to drive improvement and achieve desired student outcomes across school network
  • Creates data-driven culture throughout academics team and network of schools
  • Ensures academic team efforts are effectively building the capacity of teachers and leaders across the system to meet the needs of all students and create conditions for students to thrive, especially students who have historically been marginalized



  • Collaborates with the CEO and the senior leadership team to establish and accomplish organizational goals, objectives and strategic plans, exploring growth opportunities and identifying key risks and success factors
  • Develops external partnerships with educational organizations, district and non-profit partners, and universities
  • Creates and reviews educational presentations in charters, grant applications, and for the Board
  • Works with key stakeholders in the development and revision of educational policies for recommendation to the Board


Other projects and duties as assigned.



  • A minimum of 5 years as a successful administrator, with 3 of those years as a school leader and 2 years supervising school leaders  
  • A Master’s in education or a related field, or comparable management-level experience
  • Administrative Services Credential – preferred 



  • A healthy blend of strategic, team, operational and equity leadership
  • A drive to succeed and achieve great results on behalf of students, especially those furthest from opportunity
  • Expert knowledge, understanding and experience in developing equity-centered curriculum, instruction, and assessment systems, especially performance assessment systems
  • Supervisory and leadership development experience with school leaders, instructional staff, and teacher leaders  
  • A successful record leading effective teams and individuals, managing organizational change and initiating key innovations  
  • Experience and comfort in holding structured cross-race dialogues in teams about how dynamics of race, power, privilege and microaggressions are playing out within teams
  • An ability to connect with a diverse group of people and build strong relationships grounded in listening and high levels of challenge and support
  • Experience and comfort with giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback and track record of taking action and adapting style and processes based on the feedback
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including ability to convey complex information to a variety of audiences (e.g., large groups, staff meetings, senior leadership team meetings, public board meetings, memos)  
  • A strong analytic, performance management, accountability, and systems-thinking orientation necessary to inform strategy development and execution 



    Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience.  Benefits: Competitive benefits including medical, paid sick, vacation, 403(b) retirement plan option, FSA plan (health and dependent care), and long/short-term and life insurance.

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Chalkbeat 2020 Data & Visuals Internship

Posted by | December 12, 2019 |

We’re looking for a DC-based data and visuals intern to help our newsroom report on local education in seven cities across the U.S.

Chalkbeat, the growing nonprofit news organization telling the story of education in America, is seeking motivated undergraduate or graduate students to serve as our summer data and visuals intern. In this role, you will collaborate with our newsroom on daily and enterprise reporting projects. On a day-to-day basis, you will be responsible for analyzing data for reporting purposes, and creating graphs, charts, illustrations or other elements to enhance our visual storytelling.

This position is based in DC and will collaborate with teams across the country. Our reporting teams cover schools in seven cities — Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, Newark, and New York City — and our national bureau covers issues affecting schools across the country.

The 10-week, full-time, paid internship from June to August 2020 offers students the opportunity to work alongside some of the nation’s top education journalists at a dynamic, rapidly growing organization. At this critical moment for an active, independent press, join us as we produce journalism that matters.

Who are you?

You’re energized by our mission and excited to help us build a news organization that reimagines daily newsgathering while upholding traditional journalistic values. You like finding creative storytelling solutions to help audiences connect with news, and have strong data analysis, design and development skills that you apply to bring your vision to life. 

Candidates should have:

  • Projects that demonstrate strong data analysis and visualization skills.
  • Experience with Excel, CSS, HTML and Javascript.
  • A passion for and curiosity about education.

About Chalkbeat:

Chalkbeat is the nonprofit news organization committed to covering one of America’s most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children, especially those who have historically lacked access to quality education. We are mission-driven journalists who believe that an independent local press is vital to ensuring that education improves. Currently in seven locations and growing, we seek to provide deep local coverage of education policy and practice that informs decisions and actions, leading to better schools. Read more about our mission and values.

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Program Officer

Posted by | November 27, 2019 |

The Walton Family Foundation is seeking a skilled, highly motivated and entrepreneurial individual to join the foundation as a Program Officer.

About the Position

The Program Officer will manage a diverse portfolio of local and national grantees, as well as manage strategic projects and initiatives. Specific duties include the following:

  • Help shape investment plans aligned with the K-12 Education strategy, develop and track budgets, and be held accountable for yearly progress
  • Manage relationships with grantees and potential grantees including seeking and performing due diligence on proposals aligned with the K-12 Education strategies
  • Shepherd proposals through the foundation’s approval process, as well as provide guidance to and work with grantees to achieve significant impact
  • Identify potential new partnerships and opportunities including identifying prospective grantees and funding partners
  • Assist grantees in developing and implementing maintenance, monitoring, and funding strategies that lead to the achievement of strategic goals
  • Collaborate with Foundation colleagues, including members of the Foundation evaluation and communications teams to implement, refine, and expand the Foundation’s impact.
  • Manage workflow and processes with grantees, across Foundation offices, and with family members
  • Review budgets for appropriate expenditures, review legal documents, monitor grantee operations, review financial and narrative reports and work with our administrative team to ensure timely payments.
  • Provide superior customer service; be proactive in anticipating needs and provide accurate, timely resolution of issues when they arise.
  • Other projects and assignments as requested by the K-12 Education team, Foundation leadership, and/or family members.

Who we are looking for

Personal attributes that support your success

The Program Officer should ideally possess the following attributes:

  • Ability to give and receive feedback graciously,
  • Demonstrated success in building effective relationships and networks to achieve results
  • Self-directed and decisive problem solver who can also be flexible
  • Superior communicator who treats everyone with respect
  • Intellectual agility and the ability to analyze, think critically and understand emerging education reform issues
  • Proven skills at organization and time management
  • Exceptional attention to detail, even while managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to anticipate issues and problems in advance and propose possible solutions
  • Possess unquestionable ethics and personal integrity
  • Effective team member who is also able to act independently
  • Willing to travel up to 30% of the time

Qualifications required for your success

The Program Officer must possess the following professional qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree; relevant master’s degree or higher preferred.
  • At least 5 years of work in a professional, K-12 reform or philanthropic environment
  • Strong written communication skills with experience in producing both brief and longer written products in a timely fashion for internal and external audiences.
  • Public speaking experience with the ability to convey complex issues to internal and external audiences.
  • Knowledge of economic, financial and accounting principles (e.g., experience navigating financial statements, an organization’s budget); familiarity reading legal documents

Additional helpful experience includes:

  • K-12 teaching, administration, or other education reform experience.
  • Federal, state or district-level education policy.
  • Management/strategic planning consulting.
  • Nonprofit management
  • Philanthropic or grant development and management experience

About the Walton Family Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation is at its core, a family-led foundation. Three generations of the descendants of our founders, Sam and Helen Walton, and their spouses, work together to lead the foundation and create access to opportunity for people and communities. We work in three areas: improving K-12 education, protecting rivers and oceans and the communities they support, and investing in our home region of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta. In 2018, the foundation awarded more than $595 million in grants in support of these initiatives. To learn more, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, with offices in Washington, D.C., Jersey City, New Jersey, and Denver, Colorado, approximately 110 staff conduct the day-to-day operations of the foundation.

About the K-12 Education Program

We believe children must have access to a high-quality education that works for them in order to have a lifetime of opportunity.


  • Support the growth of schools that transform the lives of children, especially those from low-income communities;
  • Collaborate with schools of all kinds – public charter schools, district schools, and private schools – on bold ideas for change;
  • Support excellence in teaching by helping educators do their best for students; and
  • Believe in the uniqueness of each child, school and community, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Learn more about the K-12 Education Program strategy here.

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Graphic Designer/Project Manager

Posted by | September 20, 2019 |

Chalkbeat, the growing nonprofit news organization telling the story of education in America, seeks a graphic designer with strong project management skills to join the product team. Chalkbeat’s mission is to provide deep, local coverage of education policy and practice to inform the decisions and actions that lead to better outcomes for children and families, especially those in low-income communities. We believe that every child deserves an excellent education and that a strong press is vital to making that happen. In our seven bureaus (and growing), we’re working with communities to reimagine and recreate the press public education deserves. Learn more about how our unique model — a nonprofit newsroom covering a single topic in multiple locations — represents a promising path forward for local news.

Chalkbeat’s product team is responsible for our digital products and visual storytelling. We also provide support for editorial and revenue initiatives that require product thinking, such as newsletters, investigative projects, and membership. That support comes in many forms and degrees, from envisioning strategy to tactical execution. 

Your impact as the graphic designer/project manager will be:

  • Designing and building new products to reach parents, teachers and other members of our communities to increase Chalkbeat’s sustainability and audience engagement.
  • Elevating our brand while designing daily. From event flyers and social media assets to branding for new products to internal reports and pitch templates, you’ll work with teams across Chalkbeat and ensure brand consistency across our external and internal materials. 
  • Enhance the visual presentation of Chalkbeat’s journalism by developing an illustration strategy, maintaining our photo archives and managing freelance photography.

What background and skills do you have?

  • You’ve designed and delivered a wide range of visual materials, from printed flyers and banners to digital media assets.
  • You are comfortable working remotely or with remote team members.
  • You enjoy working in fast-paced environments, such as a newsroom.
  • You are a solid communicator who knows how to ask for help, empathize with teammates and take ownership of your work.
  • You are highly organized and adept at managing projects. 
  • You use modern design tools, such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop and web design software, such as Figma, Sketch or InDesign. 
  • Bonus points for: Fluency in HTML and modern CSS (including SCSS/SASS). An understanding of web accessibility requirements and best practices.

We recognize that every candidate brings interesting skills and experiences that we haven’t thought of. Don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

This position is remote and reports to a manager in Austin, Texas. If you prefer to work in an office, you’re welcome to join us in one of Chalkbeat’s bureaus in Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, Washington D.C. or New York City.

This is a full-time position with benefits. Chalkbeat offers a competitive salary, commensurate with experience, and a generous benefits package, including a paid winter recess from December 26-31.

About Chalkbeat:

Chalkbeat is the nonprofit news organization committed to covering one of America’s most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children, especially those who have historically lacked access to a quality education. We are mission-driven journalists who believe that an independent local press is vital to ensuring that education improves. Currently in seven locations and growing, we seek to provide deep local coverage of education policy and practice that informs decisions and actions, leading to better schools. Read more about our mission and values.