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16 Jul 2023

Principal or Vice Principal Assistant Principal of Culture

Equality Chater School
 Bronx County, New York, United States

Job Description

Equality Charter School, a nonprofit charter school focused on individual academic and personal success through a nurturing, scholar-centered approach, is seeking an Assistant Principal of Culture to become a member of its educational leadership team.  This is an exciting opportunity to join a prominent and growing charter school in the Bronx providing high-quality education to a diverse community of scholars.

Equality Charter School was founded to provide equal access to all scholars, providing a path to an excellent education regardless of prior academic performance or social-emotional needs.  It focuses on students with the greatest needs, with more than 25% of its population students with disabilities and 10% English language learners.  Equality is currently a 6-12 public school serving 650 scholars in 2 locations in the Bronx.  It is expanding to become a K-12 school and is in the process of securing a location for its elementary school for a Fall 2023 opening.  At full expansion, the elementary school will serve 540 scholars, with 1200 scholars across all three locations.

Equality Charter School’s values are a relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to equality, equity and diversity, and a responsibility to ensure systematic growth. Its goal is to operate at the highest level with efficient and effective systems that allow teachers and principals to focus on instruction and academic achievement.

The Position:
Equality Charter School is seeking a smart, hardworking, and highly organized educational professional to join its team as the Assistant Principal of Culture.  This role will ensure that each scholar reaches individual academic and personal success by using a nurturing and scholar-centered approach.  The Assistant Principal will be someone committed to the goals and mission of the School, fitting in well with the professional team.

Specific responsibilities include:

Professional​ ​Leadership

  • The Assistant Principal of Culture & Administration provides professional leadership within the school, community, and education profession to improve student learning and well-being.
  • Builds positive relationships within and between school and community.
  • Promotes leadership potential in colleagues.
  • Participates in professional organizations and activities in all content areas.
  • Contributes to the professional knowledge and expertise about teaching and learning.
  • Practices effective listening, conflict resolution, and group facilitation skills as a team member.
  • Demonstrates punctuality and good attendance for all duties.
  • Adheres to school Board policies and administrative procedures.
  • Seeks and obtains needed resources to support the school’s vision and mission.
  • Maintains a record-keeping system for activities that is effective and efficient and in compliance with local, state, and federal policies.
  • Maintains appropriate confidentiality regarding students’ behavior and performance.
  • Models effective teaching and leadership techniques when conducting meetings, presentations, and classroom observations.

School​ ​Culture/Discipline​

  • Leads the effective implementation of MTSS in collaboration with the leadership team.
  • Uses, models, and assists with a variety of Tier 1 Supports that foster individual responsibility and cooperation.
  • Communicates with and challenges colleagues and students in a supportive manner and provides colleagues and students with constructive feedback.
  • Works with teachers and faculty to create, implement and improve effective Tier 1 supports as part of comprehensive behavior management plans through the Observation-Feedback process.
  • Assists in the development, implementation, and dissemination of Parent Contracts, Student Handbook, and Code of Conduct.
  • Develops and implements a school-wide discipline policy in all areas of the school including classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and recreational areas in collaboration with administrators and teachers.
  • Monitors and improves, as necessary, the arrival and dismissal systems for students.
  • Oversees all Investigations of discipline issues that occur within the school and maintains current and accurate records of all such incidents.
  • Oversees suspension determination for all incidences and writes/reviews suspension letters. Oversees return from suspension meetings with parents and students and staff
  • Oversees consistent outreach to parents in regard to disciplinary/behavioral and social issues.
  • Reviews, consistently, records of faculty contact with parents in regard to student disciplinary issues.

Administrative​ ​Duties

  • Coaches and supervises all members of the school culture team (Deans, School Counselor(s), and Culture Support Staff).
  • Serves as a member of the administrative team and may serve as the building administrator in the absence of the Principal.
  • Oversees the system and processes related to school and student attendance data.
  • Creates the master schedule and coordinates the scheduling of all students in PowerSchool. Manages all alternate schedules and daily bell schedules.
  • Oversees the academic data entry process by teachers for report cards. Oversees the creation, editing, and distribution of report cards for all scholars.
  • Supports the Principal in the revision and review of the school Safety Plan with staff as needed.
  • Provides initial development of the school’s calendar and finalizes in conjunction with the Principal & Executive Director.
  • Oversees the planning, coordination, and orchestration of school field trips.
  • Assists with the implementation of school board policies and administrative rules and regulations.
  • Oversees the scheduling and attendance monitoring of lunch and afterschool activities.
  • Supports the Principal in gathering research to provide necessary reports to the city and state.
  • Assists school operations in the process of requisitioning, distributing, and accounting for textbooks and instructional equipment.
  • Leads the planning and supervision of Summer School in collaboration with the Instructional Leads and Principal (to include scheduling, staffing, and scholar assignment).

Instructional Oversight

  • Provides supervision of elective teachers within all four Domains of Danielson.
  • Models and co-teaches instructional strategies in meetings with teachers/deans and in classrooms to support teachers (at teachers’ request or based on teachers’ needs).
  • Conducts walkthroughs of all classes.
  • Conducts formal observations of teachers within the department and documents performance.
  • Holds individual and group coaching as per the Support and Collaboration Matrix.
  • Creates lessons and assignments with, or for teachers (at teachers’ request or based on teachers’ needs).
  • Reviews lesson plans and provide feedback by the approved deadline.
  • Ensures feedback is focused on our school goals and instructional priorities and the differentiated needs of scholars, including scholars with disabilities and ELLs.
  • Seeks the support of the Director of Scholar Services to identify methods of differentiating for both SWDs and ELLs.
  • Develops common and consistent instructional strategies – to support academics and management.
  • Collaborates with Directors of Instruction to align instructional strategies, based on lesson plan feedback and observations.
  • Works with teachers to effectively implement consistent instructional strategies.

External​ ​Data​ ​Collection​ ​and​ ​Analysis

  • Supports database instructional decision-making, the Assistant Principal is responsible for the support of the external assessment process and the analysis of data from NYS exams, including Regents exams.
  • Supports the creation of testing schedules and rosters.
  • Supports the creation of testing protocols/procedures.
  • Supports the analysis of state testing data on a school-wide level.
  • Supports Instructional action planning.
  • Remains current on all NYS testing requirements and supports the assessment coordinator with the implementation of NYS ELA, Math and Science assessments, and interim testing, including testing schedule, ordering of materials, etc.

School​ ​Goals

  • Support the school in reaching the annual school goals.


Applicants for Assistant Principal must meet the following educational, managerial, administrative, and pedagogic experience qualifications:

Master’s degree in education; appropriate licensure from the State of New York

Instructional Leadership

  • Support implementation of rigorous, engaging and coherent curricula.
  • Ensure research-based, effective instruction that yields high quality student work.
  • Ensure that assessment practices are aligned to curricula and inform instruction.

School Culture

  • Establish and maintain structures for positive learning environment, inclusive culture, and student success.
  • Establish and support a culture of learning that communicates high expectations for all learners.

Structures for School Improvement

  • Align resources to support school goals and meet student needs.
  • Foster support for a school-wide theory of action and goals across the school community.
  • Support and evaluate teachers through a research-based, common teaching framework.
  • Engage teacher teams in collaborative practices using the inquiry approach to improve classroom practice.
  • Regularly evaluate school level decisions with a focus on rigorous and engaging curriculum standards.

Prior Pedagogic Experience

  • Assistant Principals must have at least five years of prior full-time experience in a pedagogic position.

Equality Charter School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Equality Charter School does not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, gender identification, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability. All qualified applications will be given equal opportunity and selection decisions are based solely on job-related factors.

Equality Charter School offers a salary competitive with the NYC DOE scale for Assistant Principals, which is currently between $139,958 and $163, 117, depending on years of experience.

For more information about Equality Charter School please visit their website at

How to Apply

Equality Charter School has retained the services of Harris Rand Lusk to conduct this search.  Inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in confidence to: Anne McCarthy, COO Harris Rand Lusk 260 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10016

Please put “Equality Assistant Principal” in the subject line of your e-mailed application.

Bureaus: New York. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Principal or Vice Principal. Salaries: 100,000 and above.