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4 Dec 2017

Instructional Support Middle School Curriculum Consultant

Academy of the City Charter School

Job Description

Request for Proposal for Middle School Curriculum Consultants


Academy of the City Charter School (AOC) opened in 2011 as a community-based public K-5 charter school in western Queens. Founded with an emphasis on civic engagement and progressive education, the school, now located in Woodside, Queens, offers art, music, science, and physical education. The 5,000-volume library and technology lab, staffed by a librarian/technology instructor is one of the many indicators of the commitment to create lifelong learners.

In May, 2017, AOC was named a Reward School by the NYS Education Department for making the most progress without significant gaps in student achievement. The school’s progressive educational model is a factor in the Academy’s goal to motivate and prepare students to engage in life-long learning. Our teachers are firmly committed to empowering students to embrace their proficiencies, skills, and interests and to eventually take place as citizens of today’s increasingly global world.

AOC currently serves 407 students in grades K-5. The school is planning on expanding the program to include a middle school by August 2019 and has deployed a Task Force in order to explore all relevant elements of this goal, including development of curriculum. The school currently employs Project Based Learning as well as Professional Learning Communities in such topics as Balanced Literacy, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Mathematics that continue to engage and challenge its faculty.

Electronic submissions are due: December 20, 2017 to the attention of and

Key dates:

  1. A site walkthrough is encouraged prior to submission of the proposal. Please coordinate walkthroughs with Principal Richard Lee.
  2. Interviews are anticipated to be held in December 2017
  3. A draft curriculum will be expected by April 1, 2018
  4. Final draft expected by July 1, 2018
  5. AOC expects to submit renewal/expansion application to SUNY by July 30, 2018

Scope of Work

  • Prioritize grade level / course specific standards
  • Correlate education standards to NY State Standards
  • Design a connected 5-8 curriculum that dovetails with the current K-4
  • Development of curriculum units with monthly pacing guides
  • Integration of curriculum with specials such as Art, Music and Science as well as Technology
  • Identification of potential resources for including text books, primary texts, online resources, for ELL , SWD and at risk students
  • Develop assessments that track progress
  • Develop online resources
  1. Compensation

The fee for basic services including all sub-consultants’ fees shall undergo a final negotiation upon selection of the consultant. Submissions should include a Fee Proposal.

Selection will not be considered final, and a contract will not be awarded, until the fee for basic services has been negotiated and approved by Academy of the City Charter School.

 III. Contract for Services

A form of contract / agreement should be submitted with the proposal.

  1. Form of Submission

A letter of interest that demonstrates your overall understanding of the project and the project mission must be submitted and shall include all necessary information to establish your background, expertise, and qualifications to provide the Curriculum consulting service as set forth in Section I: Scope of Work above.

The submission must include the following:

Curriculum development

  • Please provide a brief description of other schools for which curriculum was developed.
  • Provide a list of proposed consultants, if any, that will work on the curriculum.
  • Describe the curriculum development approach and methodology that will be utilized for this task, including any interaction with Academy of the City and its consultants.
  • Describe any anticipated problems or concerns.
  • Describe the anticipated timeframe associated with the curriculum development.

 Consultant Profile

  • Provide information about your work/firm including founding date and resumes of relevant employees.

Information on two comparable projects

Please provide information about two schools for which a curriculum was developed. Descriptions should include the following information about the schools:

  • Size and location
  • Population served
  • Grades served
  • School mission and vision
  • Contact information at the school

Schedule for work completion

  • 2018    Initial presentation to Middle School Task Force
  • 2018    Draft of curriculum map for review by staff of AOC and Board of Trustees for feedback
  • 2018     Completed version to be shared at Board meeting and with The Learning Collective and Open School Project
  • 2018     Final version for SUNY amendment

Fee Proposal

Please provide a fee for the work described in the scope of work, along with a description of any potential additional services.

In addition, please submit a schedule of hourly rates for members of the project team.

Supplemental Information. This section should include any additional relevant information not included in the previous sections, at the submitter’s discretion.

 Submissions are due December 20, 2017. Individuals/Firms must submit the proposal via email.

  1. Evaluation Criteria

 Proposals will be evaluated by the Leadership team at AOC including the Principal in consultation with the Middle School Task Force.:

  • Demonstration of integrated curriculum development
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver the curriculum within project-specific constraints and requirements; proven track record of meeting schedule and budget parameters.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with the client and project team.
  • Submission of reasonable and competitive fees
  • Availability of the proposed team to begin immediately

Please note that Academy of the City is not bound to award the project to firms included in this RFP nor is Academy of the city bound to award the contract to the firm submitting the lowest Fee Proposal.

How to Apply

Electronic submissions are due: December 20, 2017 to the attention of and

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