26 Jun 2024

Research and Policy Organizational Consultant

The NYC Coalition for Educational Justice
 New York, New York County, New York, United States

Job Description

General Information 

The NYC Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) is issuing this request for proposal (RFP) for the purpose of identifying a strategic and organizational transition consultant to assist in guiding our parent-led coalition through a crucial leadership transition.

Organizational Background 

CEJ is a citywide coalition of community-based organizations, unapologetically organizing in Black, Brown, Immigrant, and Indigenous communities, fighting for transformative change. After 10 years of the current leadership, a transition in citywide leadership and priorities, and expansion of the education justice landscape in New York City. 

Project Background 

CEJ is seeking a consultant to support a process to make key decisions around CEJ’s future. This includes guiding the hiring process to identify a permanent director, supporting strategic planning and visioning, and planning and facilitating an organizational retreat. The consultant(s) would work closely with the transition committee. This includes some weekends and travel outside of traditional work hours and would report to a committee composed of steering committee organizational members. CEJ provides interpretation, childcare, and metrocards when needed, ensuring that parents have the tools they need to fully participate in CEJ spaces and activities.

Scope of Work 

  1. Strategic planning and visioning (July – Dec 2024)
    1. Organize, lead, and facilitate a successful parent led retreat (July 2024) (~80 hrs)
      1. Plan agenda with groups
      2. Oversee and delegate logistics to Program Manager 
      3. Facilitate retreat
      4. Preliminary report on retreat results – vision, goals, and priorities
    2. Research and present on new CEJ coalition structure (Due November 2024) 
      1. Independent research and presentation to CEJ
      2. Set up meetings with 
        1. Parent leaders (past and present) 
        2. Coalition organizers 
        3. Allied groups 
        4. Others who have insight of CEJ and can help to inform a new structure 
    3. Lead CEJ in creating a 5 year organizational strategic plan (July 2024 – Dec 2024)
  2.  Assist with hiring process of new director 
    1. Work with CEJ hiring committee to develop a process for hiring a new director (Sept – Dec 2024)
    2. Create an onboarding process and plan for new director (Nov 2024)

Proposal Requirements: The proposer should respond to this request with the submission of the following: 

Please send all documents in one pdf file. 

  1. Proposal – no longer than three pages, single spaced. The proposal should, as a minimum, include and demonstrate the following:
    1. Purpose – What motivates you to do this work? Please describe how you are best suited to lead this strategic process. 
    2. Understanding of our needs – Please describe your understanding of strategic planning and organizational development
    3.  Experience working with our community – Please describe past experience working with:
      1. Parent-led organizations 
      2. Black, Indigenous, and Immigrant communities 
      3. Addressing topics from a social and racial justice lens, and/or Parent-led organizing 
    4. Relevant professional experience including, but not limited to: 
      1. Strategic and organizational development
      2. Retreat development and planning
      3. Community led research
    5. Response to scope of work – Please clearly describe the work to be performed in alignment with this RFP. The proposer should include their intended process and how they will work within the timeline to accomplish the scope of work.
  2. Resume or CV – should support the experience described in the cover letter; may include other relevant experience 
  3. Sample Strategic Plan– Please provide a sample of a strategic plan that you have worked on or have developed, or develop a sample plan for CEJ and work we have laid out in the RFP. 

Deliverables for the project include a completed 5-year strategic plan, a planned and facilitated organizational retreat, and the hiring of a new director. 

Compensation for Project 

  1. Pricing 

The proposer’s proposed price for services should include a not-to-exceed total fee. The project range is $35,000-$45,000 (negotiable based on response to scope of work). 

  1. Payment 

The proposed payment terms, including timeline of payments. 

How to Apply

Instructions on proposal submission A. Please send all documents in one pdf file. B. Submission date: We are accepting rolling applications, with a preference for RFPs submitted by July 8th.  C. Inquiries: Inquiries concerning this RFP should be directed to CEJ at D. Electronic submission: Proposals are to be submitted electronically to the following email address: by the closing submission date noted above. Late proposals will not be considered.

Bureaus: New York. Job Categories: Contract. Job Types: Research and Policy. Salaries: 20,000 - 40,000.

Job expires in 9 days.