17 May 2024

Finance Chief Financial Officer, Roaring Fork School District

Roaring Fork School District
 Carbondale, Garfield County, Colorado, United States

Job Description

The Chief Financial Officer, a key leader on the district’s executive team, is responsible for providing leadership in aligning district financial priorities in support of the district’s strategic plan and mission to ensure that every student develops the enduring knowledge, skills and character to thrive in a changing world. This position oversees the effective and efficient delivery of financial services across all district departments including the administration of and compliance with all related district policies and state and federal laws, as well as short and long range financial planning.



Receives direct supervision from the Superintendent.

Provides direct supervision to the Financial Controller and Payroll Manager.,


1. Financial leadership

  • Serve as advisor to the Board of Education and superintendent regarding financial matters of the district.

  • Attend school board and district leadership council meetings to ensure a broad understanding of the role of district finance in addressing instructional and operational issues facing the district.

  • Act as spokesperson regarding district financial matters including, but not limited to, staff and community education regarding Colorado school finance, the district budget, and the financial impact of ballot initiatives.


2. Financial planning and budgeting

  • Manage and participate in the development and implementation of the goals and objectives of the strategic plan ensuring alignment of the annual budget to the priorities of the plan.

  • Oversee the annual budget development process ensuring the involvement of appropriate stakeholder groups.

  • Provide annual budget allocations to all schools and departments including parameters for budget development and a timeline for submitting required budget documents.

  • Serve as advisor to school and department leaders in the development of their budgets.

  • Provide training and coaching to school and department leaders regarding district financial policies and procedures.


3.  Financial reporting and audits

  • Provide periodic monitoring reports to the Board of Education, community, schools, and other district departments regarding the status of the budget.

  • Provide financial reports as required by laws, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, those required by grants and by the Colorado Department of Education.

  • Coordinate the annual audits including those completed by the Colorado Department of Education, independent third party auditors, and workers’ compensation.


4.  Enrollment projections

  • Coordinate periodic enrollment projections with an external party taking into account birth rates, local development projections and other factors to be utilized in long-term capital planning and forecasting.


5. Policies, procedures and internal controls

  • Implement a strong system of internal controls including policies, procedures, communication, training for staff, and periodic monitoring to ensure compliance.

  • Ensure policies are updated periodically to comply with all requirements for the receipt of federal funds including, but not limited to, the federal free and reduced lunch program and consolidate federal grant.

  • Interpret policies and procedures and make recommendations for revisions to existing policies and addition of new policies. Present policy recommendations to the Board of Education.

  • Ensure compliance with existing policies through training and  periodic monitoring.


6. Risk Management

  • Work with the district’s chief operating officer and property/liability insurance carrier to ensure risk management activities are adequately addressed in the district’s budget and that policy limits are appropriate.


7.  Payroll and benefits management

  • Oversee the payroll services departments and implement effective controls to ensure accuracy in salary payments.

  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and Colorado PERA payroll reporting requirements.

  • Work with the director of human resources to estimate costs for district benefits programs including, but not limited to, health insurance, PERA, and retiree payouts.


8.  Capital planning

  • Work with the Director of Facilities to develop and update a five-year capital improvement plan that identifies items scheduled for acquisition and replacement and provide recommendations for financing the short-term plan.

  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer to develop and update the ten-year facility master plan for the construction and modernization of school plants to meet district needs ensuring involvement from stakeholder groups including the community, staff, administration and students, and provide recommendations for financing the long-term plan.


9.  Elections

  • Provide financial estimates/projections as necessary for the development of ballot language for both bond issues and mill levy overrides

  • Utilize third party experts in the preparation and/or verification of bond program cost estimates.

  • Ensure compliance with all laws and regulations regarding the issuance of tax-exempt bonds and related expenditures including periodic arbitrage compliance reporting.


10.  Student activity funds

  • Develop, implement, and monitor accounting procedures and controls for school activity funds

  • Guide school finance secretaries and school administrators in regulatory and procedural responsibilities relative to correct management of activity funds.

  • Assist high school athletic directors in budgeting and planning for athletic programs


11.  Personnel management

  • Select, train, coach and evaluate personnel including payroll and finance departments

  • Provide training for finance secretaries and provide input to principals and other department heads regarding their performance

  • Plan, coordinate, and direct assignments of personnel


12. Interest-based bargaining

  • Participate in the district’s Interest Based Bargaining process with all certified, classified, and administrative employee groups for development of and revisions to employee wages and benefits.

  • Ensure that the interest-based bargaining process includes a review of current budgetary information.

  • Support committees of the interest-based bargaining process in presenting and analyzing budget information, as well as preparing cost estimates for evaluating the sustainability of initiatives proposed during the interest-based bargaining process

13. Other duties as assigned.

How to Apply

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Bureaus: Colorado. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Finance. Salaries: 100,000 and above.

Job expires in 2 days.