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27 Apr 2021

Operations / Administration Director of Operations and Human Resources

Harlem Link Charter School

Job Description

Position Summary

The Director of Operations and Human Resources is a full-time member of the School Management Team who reports to the Principal.  In each of the five areas listed below, the Director is responsible for initiating, organizing, executing and revising systems and routines.  The Director is on a 12-month schedule and attends board and professional learning meetings, retreats and workshops as needed.  


Human Resources

Outcome 1: Harlem Link maintains all required records for all staff members and provides promised compensation they need to attend to their work.

  • Manage all personnel tracking systems, including accession, attrition, payroll, staff vacation/leave time, individual personnel files;
  • Serve as School’s HR manager, providing ombudsman support, updating the personnel handbook annually, remaining abreast of changes in federal, state and local law, regulations and policy for assistance to staff and the school leadership;
  • Assist the Director of Finance in managing relationships with vendors related to all insurance plans including Health, Dental, Vision, Retirement, Life, Property, Liability, D&O, Student Accident, Worker’s Compensation, Disability, and Unemployment;
  • Assist the Director of Finance in administering the staff benefits program, including enrollment and withdrawal of staff members in Health, Dental, Vision, Retirement Plans; and
  • Coordinate annual staff survey, sexual harassment seminar, and legal issue management with attorneys.



Outcome 2: Teachers and students have the environment, materials and processes they need to be safe and successful.

  • Ensure the physical space meets Harlem Link’s school culture, safety and organizational goals, including:
    • Reviewing the space on a regular basis and instituting systems to ensure a safe and strong learning environment is always available to community members;
    • Creating, promulgating and refining systems to ensure staff members have a rapid and appropriate response when building- and custodial-related needs arise;  
    • Planning use of and routines for scheduling, organizing, cleaning and stocking with supplies common areas on an ongoing basis; and
    • Coordinating signage that promotes school culture and emergency exit signage.
  • Track performance of custodial engineer and serve as primary liaison between school and that role;
  • Serve as a key liaison between Harlem Link and co-located partner schools, participating in:
    • Annual shared space negotiations;
    • Monthly Building Council and regular Building Response Team (BRT) meetings, taking responsibility for setting agenda and facilitating meetings on a rotating basis;
    • Regular communication about building issues among the partner schools; and 
    • Long-term internal and Council-wide room planning.
  • Guarantee that New York City Department of Education (DOE) services (including permits, safety agents, transportation, custodial support and food services) are available appropriately on days that Harlem Link is open but DOE schools are closed and on special days such as field trips and half-days.


Operations and Reporting

Outcome 3: Team members and external stakeholders have the resources and information they need to execute their work successfully.

  • Plan and direct systems regarding schedules and calendars, including:
    • Organizing and revising annually the master calendar, integrating with other calendars developed by parent and school leaders, and with staff organizing tools such as Outlook; and
    • Communicating to staff members at the start of the year and with regular updates key information about schedules, technology, materials and systems.
  • Support the principal’s organization of governance-level information, including:
    • Maintain meeting schedule for board of trustees and board committee meetings, using Outlook to invite trustees to these meetings;
    • Schedule communication channels (conference call numbers or Zoom links, for example) and communicate to board members in advance of these meetings;
    • Serve as a point person on the staff for inviting staff members and community members (through compliance with the NYS Open Meetings Law) to each board meeting, and for compiling attendance list for security purposes when locations require them;
    • Organize and prepare key aspects of data needed for board meetings, including but not limited to the school’s monthly attendance and discipline dashboard.
  • Delegate and monitor completion of operations tasks, which include the following:
    • Support food and hospitality, including maintaining systems and setting up and breaking down events;
    • Purchase appropriate materials through FAMIS (New York City Dept. of Education purchasing system) for NYSTL (New York State Textbook and Library loan program); 
    • Meet student and staff needs in Food Services, transportation, facilities, security, and technology, in particular assuring that:
      • All students’ transportation and pickup needs are accurately documented, communicated to staff and updated regularly;
      • School food services are provided in a timely and appropriate manner;
      • Inventory lists are updated annually; and
      • Staff technology needs are addressed forthwith. 
  • Serve on or delegate service to the Communications Team, ensuring comprehensive, clear and consistent messaging through internal channels, for families and for the public;
  • Analyze and modify technology, printing, procurement and other operations domains including hiring and terminating vendors as appropriate to ensure quality service at reasonable expenses;
  • Complete reports to district, city, state, state authorizing and federal agencies including but not limited to ATS, federal entitlements, CRDC, TSDF, BEDS, IMF, VADIR, Per Pupil bi-monthly reporting, and Project SAVE;
  • Collaborate with the data team to process, organize and review student demographic data as needed to meet the needs of authorizers, Leadership Team, partner organizations and the public; and
  • Manage School Safety Plan, communicating with partner schools and informing school administration about fire drills and other safety issues.


Student Enrollment

Outcome 4: The school is fully enrolled on an ongoing basis, with a healthy waiting list and compliance with all state laws and regulations.

  • Lead, revise and execute Lottery Manual, coordinating all student recruitment efforts with the Special Programs Manager;
  • Participate in the board’s Outreach committee, and coordinate operations team efforts to support its work;
  • Organize information and ensure proper tracking, documentation and preparation for lottery;
  • Ensure consistent communication with members of waiting list; and
  • Act strategically and aggressively to manage waiting list and ensure smooth enrollment following Harlem Link’s routine for admitting students.



Outcome 5: Non-instructional support team members execute their work appropriately. 

  • Supervise and evaluate the Operations team, having an intimate understanding of team members’ work and roles;
  • Support the team members to ensure their systems are efficient and effective;
  • Serve as a direct link between these staff members and the principal, ensuring seamless intersection between staff and management; and
  • Evaluate, bi-annually the performance of these staff members, including assessing performance improvement needs and time-off increases.



  • A passionate belief in Harlem Link’s mission, values, and educational model;
  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred, with course work in Business Administration, Organizational Management, or related discipline desired;
  • Minimum three years of broad, varied and increasingly responsible experience in a fast-paced, business or entrepreneurial environment, preferably involving data, computer information systems, and organizational procedures;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including strong public speaking skills;
  • Mastery of the Microsoft Office suite, particularly Microsoft Excel and related Google Drive software;
  • Demonstrated ability to create and manage systems to improve organizational efficiency;
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise and evaluate staff members appropriately and in a mission-oriented manner;
  • An ability to thrive and learn in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and a capacity to remain calm and focused when faced with unexpected challenges; and
  • A relentless attention to detail.



  • The office hours for the Director are variable, on agreement with the Principal, and with the Director ensuring a regular operations leadership presence from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  The Director has some presence during all parts of these hours, and delegates to the Operations Manager and other team members responsibility for operations oversight when not present.
  • Summer hours are shorter with approval and the meeting of key outcomes; evening hours are required periodically throughout the year for special events or meetings; and off-site work hours are allowed periodically with approval.

How to Apply

Please visit the school website and upload your resume on the careers page.  You may also e-mail Hiring Manager

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