12 Jan 2021

Principal or Vice Principal Executive Director

Academy of the City Charter School
 Queens County, New York, United States

Job Description

Academy of the City Charter School (AOC) is a K-8 public charter school serving students in Community School District 30. It has two locations – an elementary school (K-4) in Woodside, and a middle school (5-8) in Astoria.  It is seeking to hire an Executive Director (ED) for the 2021-22 school year.

AoC is a community-based, independent charter with a mission that is committed to a child-centered education, providing each student with a rich, scholarly liberal arts education that values the arts.  Its culture is one of social justice, community, collaboration and reflection. AoC is ethnically, racially and economically diverse, and we are deeply committed to maintaining that diversity while achieving our vision of academic, social and personal success for each child. AoC’s students are “high-achievers” in the many different senses of that word, and are engaged, curious and joyful learners. AoC is a well-regarded and firmly established fixture in the community with a record of success and growth. The new ED would start in April 2021.

The ED will be responsible for ensuring that the school’s mission remains as a centerpiece of the school program as it continues to grow and to strive towards excellence. We are looking for a person with a vision for how a great education can change a child’s life as well as the experience, creativity, and leadership skills to inspire and work with other members of the leadership team, our parent community and the board to make that vision a reality. The ED serves as the chief administrative official, providing leadership and direction for the school, under the direction of the Board and in collaboration with all stakeholders. The ED directly supervises the two Principals, the Director of Operations and the CFO. The ED will be responsible to ensure the academic, organizational, and financial success of the school. In addition, the ED will be the “public face” of the school, interacting with our charter authorizer, community leaders, elected officials and potential funders.


  • Preferred 10 years of experience in classroom teaching, coaching, and administrative experience as a department head, head of school or head principal at a charter, private, or district school;
  • Demonstrated success in urban school settings;
  • A Master’s Degree or PhD in Education, Education Administration or a related field;
  • Demonstrated commitment to educational equity and social justice;
  • Excellent oral and written communication and leadership skills.


School Leader

  • The ED is responsible for the overall academic, financial and operational success and growth of the school in accordance with its mission, the needs of its students and the requirements of AoC’s authorizer and other governmental agencies.
  • The ED shall supervise all programs of the School (academic, athletic, ethical, and other extracurricular programs); shall monitor curriculum, grading, testing, use of data, and reporting to parents; shall prepare for and conduct periodic program evaluations; shall submit reports to SUNY and any other governmental bodies or agencies as required.
  • The ED is responsible for effectively communicating the school’s mission, vision and goals to all school stakeholders, including the parent community and all outside partners.
  • The ED shall ensure there are restorative and equitable disciplinary policies and standards of conduct and shall establish school-wide policies that promote equity, diversity, and restorative justice.
  • The ED shall develop, articulate and maintain up to date policies and procedures that are consistent with the school’s mission, philosophy, and goals.
  • The ED shall be the public face of the school, advocating on behalf of the school with community partners and politicians (including with regard to laws pertaining to charter schools).
  • The ED shall ensure that the school meets the needs of its students including, where appropriate, continuing and building upon existing “community school” programs that support families and help ensure the success of the students.
  • The ED is responsible for promoting a positive school-wide culture among all school stakeholders of welcome, diversity, respect, openness to differing opinions or viewpoints, collaboration and reflection.
  • Working collaboratively with members of the leadership team, the ED shall set policies for hiring outstanding persons of diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives to serve as members of the faculty and administration and shall supervise the two principals and the director of operations in all matters regarding employment, including salaries and contracts, job assignments and performance evaluations, record keeping, orientation, training and compliance with all applicable laws.
  • ED shall have direct supervision of the senior administration of the School and shall oversee and coordinate the activities of the entire organization.
  • Particularly with regard to children with special needs or who are at risk, the ED shall ensure that AoC’s programs support the vision that “every child in our diverse community reaches academic, social and personal excellence.”
  • The ED shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a teacher development and leadership program geared toward the development of master teachers who remain as part of the AoC school community.
  • The ED shall ensure that the curriculum meets the mission of the School and shall ensure that, in keeping with the collaborative philosophy of the School, the teachers and the administration work together to ensure that the curriculum is constantly evaluated and revised to ensure excellence and best practices.
  • During the school year 2021-22, the ED shall work closely with the Middle School principal in continuing to develop a state of the art, 21st Century Middle School, which builds upon the educational philosophy, curriculum, school climate and culture of the existing lower school.
  • The ED shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the new middle school, and the existing elementary school, together constitute a single institution with coordinated programs, and common philosophies, climate and culture.

Fundraising and Advocacy

  • The ED shall be responsible for overseeing a successful development program that seeks out governmental, community, foundational and private partnerships.
  • The ED shall collaborate with the Board in its development work.

Charter Renewal and Advocacy with Charter Authorizer

  • The ED shall advocate with the School’s authorizer not only with regard to renewal, but with regard to pedagogical issues pertinent to the School.
  • The ED shall ensure that the School meets its accountability plan with SUNY while remaining true to its pedagogical philosophy of providing a child-centered, hands-on, rich liberal arts education.

Work with Board

  • The ED shall report to the Board at its monthly meetings and as otherwise requested by the Board, shall meet regularly with the Board Chair and shall serve ex officio on all Board standing committees.
  • The ED shall ensure that all Board policies are carried out; shall review those policies and make recommendations for changes; shall prepare reports, respond to all Board inquiries and keep Trustees informed on all aspects of the School’s operation.
  • The ED shall collaborate with the Board in setting metrics and annual goals to ensure the success and continued growth of the school.
  • The ED shall inform the Board about current trends and developments in education and rules and regulations of the NYS Department of Education and state and federal laws as well as the school’s Authorizer (SUNY).

Strategic and Organizational Planning

  • The ED shall ensure that frameworks and practices are in place to ensure regular cycles of long-range strategic planning and annual goal setting that incorporates data on student performance and stakeholder feedback.
  • The ED shall develop, articulate and maintain up to date policies and procedures that are consistent with the school’s mission, philosophy, and goals.
  • The ED shall collaborate with the Board during the 2021-22 school year in developing a five-year strategic plan.



Competitive salary and benefits offered.


How to Apply

Email cover letter, resume, and writing sample to: Nora Clancy Pasek Consulting Subject: Executive Director Application - Academy of the City CS    

Bureaus: New York. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Principal or Vice Principal.

Job expires in 17 days.