This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!
17 May 2023

Teacher Physical Education Teacher

South Valley Middle School – WCSD-RE1

Job Description

Physical Education Teacher – South Valley Middle School in Platteville, CO

1. Appropriately licensed in the State of Colorado as provided by law.
2. Licensed classroom teachers must be qualified for the area or grade level in which they perform, meeting Colorado Department of Education accreditation standards.Reports To: Principal or Assistant Principal

Goals of Position:

  1. To instruct, direct, and supervise the instruction program in the classroom.
  2. Perform duties which maximize student learning and student welfare in a professionally sound, ethical, and effective manner.
  3. Perform teaching and supervisory activities with a professional service orientation toward students, parents, and community constituents.

I.  Effective Classroom Management – The licensed classroom teacher demonstrates, in his/her performance, a competent level of knowledge and skill in organizing the physical and human elements in the education setting.

  • Physical Environment – Creates a classroom environment that promotes instruction.
  • Planning – Plans for and makes effective use of time, materials, and resources.
  • Handling of Student Discipline – Establishes and communicates an effective system for classroom discipline.

II. Productive Teaching Techniques – The licensed teacher demonstrates in his or her performance, a competent level of knowledge and skill in designing and conducting an instructional experience.

  • Plans for Student Differences – Gathers diagnostic data and prescribes appropriate goals.
  • Teaching – Applies principles of teaching/learning to ensure student achievement.
  • Subject Matter – Displays a thorough knowledge of subject matter and the district curriculum.
  • Equity – Distributes response opportunities, feedback, and personal regard in an equitable manner to all students.

III. Interpersonal Responsibilities – Demonstrates ability to communicate and interact effectively with appropriate audiences applying good listening skills and correct English.

  • Students – Demonstrates effective interpersonal relationships with students.
  • Peers – Demonstrates effective interpersonal relationships with peers.
  • Parents/Community – Demonstrates effective interpersonal relationships with parents/community.
  • Administrators – Demonstrates effective interpersonal relationships with administrators.

IV.  Professional Responsibilities – The licensed classroom teacher exhibits in his or her performance evidence of commitment to education as a profession, to the total school program, to the school district, to his or her classroom, and to the students.

  • Ethical Behavior – abides by the laws of Colorado and the standards of ethical behavior for counselors and teachers, promotes a positive professional image of the District by action, communication and appearance.
  • Policies – adheres to District and building policies and regulations.
  • Professional Growth – participates in professional growth opportunities, participates in curriculum review, and develops professional growth activities.
  • Responsibilities Outside The Classroom – complies with school rules, policies, procedures, performs assigned duties and responsibilities as assigned, works for welfare of the school as a whole.

Must hold a valid Colorado Teaching License with appropriate endorsement.
Salary Schedule:

Benefits: Medical Insurance, Dental and Vision, Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

How to Apply

How to Apply / Contact Interested applicants should submit a completed application, resume, official transcripts, placement papers and current references. Please apply online at

Bureaus: Colorado. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Teacher. Salaries: 40,000 - 60,000.