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3 Jun 2021

Operations / Administration Assistant Director of Counseling and Student Support

New Visions AIM Charter High School II
 Bronx County, New York, United States

Job Description

About Us

New Visions Charter High Schools (NVCHS) provide all students, regardless of their previous academic history, the highest quality education in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and rigor. We ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge to graduate ready for college, pursue a career, and engage with the 21st century economy. We develop learning experiences that allow risk-taking, cultivate students’ imaginative and creative abilities, and celebrate achievement. Through an intensive study of math concepts in our math and science schools, and literature, English, social studies and arts in our humanities schools, students learn how to generate research questions, develop the skills necessary to answer those questions, create products that demonstrate understanding, and defend their knowledge publicly.

New Visions AIM Charter High Schools give preference to the students most often ignored: those involved in the juvenile justice system; homeless students; those in foster care or child protective services; and those at least one year behind their graduation cohort. Our goal is for all students to earn a diploma and successfully navigate college and career options and we achieve this by: Building trusting relationships that foster a safe community, honor student perspectives, and enable intentional socio-emotional learning; immersing students in a tailored program that accelerates academic learning, builds professional skills, and broadens career awareness; and cultivating a mission-driven culture of continuous improvement that is responsive to students’ complex and diverse needs.



  • Lead socio-emotional professional development and growth of school team:
    • Chair of SEL Committee
    • Work with Urban Assembly Coach to provide SEL guidance to the school community
    • Provide direct oversight to advisory classes including advisory observations, trends report, program matrix, and implementation plan
    • Assess school’s needs to student and parent groups
  • Lead the Counseling Support Team:
    • Social Workers and School Counselors.
    • Lead Advisor and Advisors
  • Lead the Student Support Team:
    • Dean Manager
    • Climate and Culture Manager
  • Develop and administer ongoing training and support to AIM II staff across a continuum of student support services including:
    • Mandated reporter training
    • Crisis intervention training
    • Social Emotional Supports for Students
    • Clinical Supportive Interventions
  • Observe classrooms and coach teachers to ensure supportive classroom environments that reflect collaboration between instructional and socio-emotional staff members
  • Support teachers in the implementation of strategies that maximize results for students with various learning styles and needs
  • Leads the provision of mandated student support services to promote student academic and socio-emotional growth
    • Oversee the maintenance of student records and follow all mandated timelines and requirements
    • Oversee the FBA/BIP process for students.
    • Collaborate with Special Education Coordinator in mandated counseling interventions and reporting
    • Support teachers in the implementation of strategies that maximize results for students with various learning styles and needs
    • Support the development and implementation of system-wide procedures and best practices for teachers to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education pre-referral processes
    • Confer with parents, administrators, testing specialists, social workers, and professionals to develop IEPs designed to promote students‘ academic, physical, and social development
    • Communicate with students and families regularly to discuss student socio-emotional progress
  • Manages programs and supports for high need / at risk students
    • Identify and intervene with high-need/at risk  students to ensure their needs are met
    • Supports school administration in conducting risk assessment, crisis intervention, and mediation
    • Lead student intervention team/high-risk meetings and other related meetings
    • Supervise the school’s homeless/McKinney Vento Liaison
    • Lead the development of the school’s Homeless Intervention Plan
    • Coordinate supports for students in temporary living situations and foster care
    • Develop robust programs for supporting students with a criminal justice background
    • Manage documentation and Probation and Foster Care requirements to ensure students and agencies are provided with optimal and timely support around documentation or other requests
    • Support students with a criminal justice background by providing support and guidance in relation to reentry, compliance with probation requirements, and recidivism reduction supports and initiatives.
  • Lead Attendance intervention and initiatives
    • Facilitate and implement a system for referring students for Administration of Children Services intervention where applicable
    • Utilizing data for attendance intervention strategies


The ADCSS will be expected to provide evidence of their work including reporting:

  • Verbal and written documentation of supervision sessions including development of a supervision tool
  •  Establish and assess measurable student learning outcomes, program goals, and objectives for student engagement activities.
  •  Provide (or make provisions for) individual and group supervision for social worker and interns team as required
  •  Meet regularly with counseling staff and student support  team to ensure continual development of counseling program and the student support team  provide ongoing support


  • Master’s degree from an accredited program
  • Two to three years in a high school setting  or similar setting supporting students academically, socially and emotionally, or relevant experience
  • Two to three years of Supervisory experience
  • Knowledge of Community Based Organizations
  • LCSW required
  • Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) Certificate required
  • Experience in Restorative Practices and Implementation
  • Preference given to candidates with demonstrated success or experience working with disconnected youth.
  • Ability to collaborate and train other school staff to explain their role in implementation of school-wide assessments, comprehend data collected from assessments, reflect on such relationships and pursue greater success.
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to assume a variety of roles
  • Strong organizational, communication, and negotiation skills

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