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20 Dec 2021

Operations / Administration Data and Programming Coordinator

Advanced Math & Science III
 Kings County, New York, United States

Job Description

The Data Programming Coordinator/Specialist, is responsible for turning data into actionable insights that will help to improve the school’s performance. This role is instrumental in helping the school community achieve its powerful mission to transform opportunities by being a lateral source for assessment and data expertise to drive lateral organizational change. The ideal candidate will effectively delegate and step in and step back on projects in order to develop capacity for internal stakeholders to develop data fluency to drive outcomes in their functional area.

Essential Job Functions:

Testing Administration – Ensure school successfully administers all assessments required from state and local agencies, as well as network methods of testing to track student growth and progress.

  • With the assistance of the New Visions CMO, ensure that the school completes all required Federal, State and Local compliance activities on time and completely.
  • Create detailed plans for administering all assessments throughout the year. This includes but is not limited to: 
    • January, June, and August New York State Regents exams.
    • SAT, ACT, AP, and other college preparatory exams.
    • Performance Series, ACT Aspire…
    • Regents Field Testing
    • Mock Regents and Final Exams
    • CDOS
  • Handling all materials related to assessment. 
  • Develop proctoring schedules and plans that allow fair time and preparation for teachers in order to support student ability to succeed and teacher capacity. 
  • Work with ADSPED/IEP coordinator/SpEd Manager to ensure compliance with student with disabilities accommodations plans, as well as Section 504 plans. This includes applying for accommodation requests for national exams.
  • Attend training and professional developments around proper administration of various tests offered by school. 
  • Run professional development training for teachers, operations staff, and administrators around proctoring rules, returning of materials, and maintaining testing integrity. 
  • Work collaboratively across stakeholders (Administration, Counselors, Teachers, NV staff) to determine which students should take each exam. 

Programming – Ensure school schedules and programs are reflective of vision and in compliance with state, city, and network mandates for minute counts. 

  • Establish an annual process to create a school schedule, reflect on schedule/program efficacy across multiple stakeholders, and use this data to inform collaborative decision making for the next school year. 
  • Create a comprehensive school schedule that gives all students routes to have success and promotes teacher stability and retention. School schedules will need to meet all local, state, and federal requirements (i.e. minutes) for credit. 
  • Oversee and manage our Online Credit Recovery Program 
  • Adjust schedule accordingly when situations arise or circumstances at student, teacher, school, or network level change. 
  • Facilitate a collective decision making model to ensure all students are programmed in classes to earn credits leading to graduation. These decisions should be made with input across stakeholders.
  • Work on Strategic Data Check in teams to identify credit gaps, Regents needs, and various other circumstances and adjust student schedules accordingly. 
  • Work with the school’s IEP coordinator/SpEd manager/ADSPED to ensure all students with disabilities are properly programmed and have the best possible route to a successful education. 
  • Work with the school’s ELL coordinator/team to ensure all ELL students are properly programmed and have the best possible route to a successful education. 
  • Work with related service providers to create schedules that have the least possible interference with student learning. 
  • Work with family engagement team in entering correct family contact information into PowerSchool 
  • Work with counselors to ensure test scores, updated transcripts, and schedules are done correctly in PowerSchool. 
  • Utilize ATS and other data systems to ensure proper information is stored in PowerSchool. 
  • Work with network staff to identify and develop reports that support student growth. 
  • Support teachers in creating GradeBook categories, assignments, and taking attendance in PowerTeacher. 
  • Attend professional development opportunities around development of schedules and different methods of supporting students through programming. 
  • Conduct professional development around use of PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, and other data systems related to programming of students. 

Data Analysis & Support – Provide all parties involved with developing student success with relevant data, trends, and support necessary to ensure all students succeed. 

  • Collect and store all data from different testing administrators, such as state Regents exams, College Board exams, Performance series data, and sharing with network level support staff. 
  • Analyze and disseminate results from exams and support school leaders in identifying trends. 
  • Develop methods of presentation of successes and failures of instruction and initiatives, crafting multiple ways to showcase the information to multiple audiences, such as teachers, students, families, and others.
  • Participate in Strategic Data Check Ins, providing credit accumulation data, Regents and other test scores, and other demographic information to inform instruction and development of curriculum and school vision, as well as identify gaps.

Secondary Job Functions:

  • Support with school events, including fire drills, scanning, sports, events and emergencies
  • Additional responsibilities as needed consistent with the general nature of the position


Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent computer skills including proficiency with Google docs and Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Word, and Excel

How to Apply

Please apply directly with us online HERE.

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