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4 Aug 2017


Aurora Public Schools
 Aurora, Colorado, United States

Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Daily 20% Develop a comprehensive 2-year plan to transition from a centralized professional learning system to a localized/personalized system that includes a continuum of learning experiences for teachers and administrators. The plan will include: Vision for professional learning that is data driven and measured for effectiveness in student learning. Communication plan to build capacity in district and site leaders in strategies to plan, implement and monitor professional learning utilizing a variety of experiences and platforms, including personalized/virtual learning. Processes that will ensure alignment between district and site UIP goals, the Strategic Plan and a response to student data. Processes will also ensure collaborative and efficient planning and funding of professional learning trends. Annualized methods of determining outcomes and metrics for district, learning community, site and personalized learning plans. Communication processes to CAO, Division of Equity in Learning, Superintendent’s Office to indicate readiness and performance throughout the two-year transition.


Daily 20% Participate as a creative and empowered member of the Teaching and Learning team to coordinate resources and professional learning for P20 Learning Community needs, based on student data and evaluation feedback from Educator Effectiveness results and district surveys. These learning experiences will enhance the district’s annual focus areas as well as support localized and personalized learning needs. Work with Project Manager to ensure that learning experiences are prepared, including contracts, technology, materials, PR and communication, and effective feedback collection and analysis. Organize and monitor Article 20 process and LDE courses of study as part of ongoing centralized professional learning structures. Collaborate with Director of Educator Development to manage events for pre-service residency relationships with universities (e.g., Boettcher and UCD) and New Teacher Induction. Work with the team Project Manager and Directors of Equity in Learning to support the monthly APSSL meetings, including in-seat and virtual cohort learning for leaders throughout the year.


Wkly 15% Facilitate the data analysis that determines annual professional learning focus areas for the District (to be noted in the UIP), Learning Communities (in collaboration with P20 Directors and noted in Reciprocal Agreements) and Sites (in collaboration with P20 Directors, principals and Elementary Learning TOSA and noted in site Reciprocal Agreements) By carefully analyzing trends for needs across Learning Communities and sites, develop centralized and personalized professional learning opportunities in collaboration with Personalized Learning Team, Director of Teaching and Learning, Chief Academic Officer so that professional learning is effectively and efficiently provided to district personnel. Develop annual metrics and outcomes for professional learning and facilitate monitoring conversations with stakeholders at all levels to ensure the impact of adult learning on student achievement. Collaborate with the Program Director of Educator Development to calibrate all professional learning and observation of implementation with Quality Standards for Educator Effectiveness.


Wkly 15% Collaboratively work with the Director of Teaching and Learning and the instructional coordinator team to develop Instructional Model strategy professional learning experiences that focus on the Phases of Instructional Strategies and content knowledge in the core content areas. Develop a project management timeline and communication system so that the entire library of digital professional learning is complete no later than June, 2019. Develop a process by which personalized and blended coursework for administrators and educators is developed, piloted and published on a consistent and responsive time frame.


Wkly 10% Develop a process to input courses and monitor quality of SABA system. Facilitate the expansion of utilization of SABA system in order to ensure a consistent use of communication and evaluation after all professional learning experiences (centralized, localized, personalized). Navigate the data system to monitor localized and personalized professional learning courses and participation. Develop an automated certification system for induction, re-licensing and Educator Effectiveness portfolio development. Serve as liaison with SABA technical resources.


Yrly 5% Coordinate with the Director of Teaching and Learning to develop, administer, and monitor the professional learning budget. Lead grant writing efforts or specific focus areas of innovative learning experiences identified in current trends, district and site data, and by the Division of Equity in Learning.


Daily 5% Supervise PLCC technical support classified position to support course catalog software, professional support of meetings and events, create induction certificates via learning systems platform.


Wkly 9% Develop professional relationships with local, state and national thinkers in education and professional learning (education and business) in order to enhance and strengthen the transition model.


Daily 1% Perform other duties as assigned.
Aurora Public Schools – Job Description – Director, Professional Learning Program

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