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26 Feb 2020

Operations / Administration Executive Director

Lotus School for Excellence
 Aurora, Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States

Job Description

Job Description – Executive Director

 A. Required Qualifications

 i. Leadership or managerial experience

ii. An advanced degree in education and/or business administration.

 B. Desired Qualifications

i. Three years of successful administrative experience.

ii. Five years of successful teaching experience.

iii. Principal’s License

 C. Leadership Duties

 i.  Demonstrates commitment to administering LSE in accordance with its vision and mission statements and communicates the vision and mission to school personnel, students, members, and the community.

ii.  Models LSE’s values for students, members, and the board.

iii.  Is a visible leader maintaining frequent contact with students and school personnel.

iv.  When practical, exercises a participatory management style with school personnel.

v.  Demonstrates effective written and oral communications.

vi.  Fosters a climate of innovation.

vii.  Facilitates activities for students, parents, and school personnel to encourage community and shared purpose.

viii.  Serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the board.

 D. Educational Leadership Duties

 i.  Interviews hire, evaluate, and supervises administration, faculty, and staff.

ii.  Oversees the planning and evaluation of programs and priorities.

iii.  Coordinates design of curriculum with faculty.

iv.  Administers all school-based programs.

v.  Assists faculty in evaluating their instructional methods and materials.

vi.  Designs schedules.

vii.  Develops cooperation and teamwork among school personnel.

viii.  Assists school personnel in accommodating individual student needs and abilities.

ix.  Monitors student progress, discipline, health, and safety.

x.  Provides a perspective on educational issues to the board.

xi.  Establishes a plan for improvement of instruction, adherence to school philosophy, and compliance with school policies.

xii.  Assists the board in evaluating the school’s progress towards established priorities and goals.

xii. Participates in professional development seminars and programs as the Board sees a need.

 E. Community Relations Duties:

 i. Develops and promotes a professional relationship with the board, school personnel, members, students, and the community.

ii.  Seeks and considers the opinions of others in a timely fashion.

iii.  Provides information to the community, the media, and other interested parties about LSE, its vision and mission, and its progress towards goals.

iv.  Serves in a liaison capacity with the District on any administrative and/or educational matters.

v.  Assists with the recruiting, scheduling, and training of volunteers within the school.

vi.  Ensures compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, district regulations and policies, and other requirements of the charter or contracts with the District.

 F. Managerial Duties

 i.  Approves and authorizes:

A. Building usage

B. Budget items

C. Temporary and permanent record storage and maintenance

D. Building maintenance

E. School-based activities and schedules

F. Purchase and utilization of material resources

G. Purchase and utilization of equipment

H. Purchase and utilization of textbooks and supplies

ii.  Actively participates in facility search, development and planning

iii.  Plans and implements the personnel development program.

iv.  Delineates all responsibilities and authority, establishing lines of communication and supervision.

v.  Develops enthusiasm and promotes positive morale among school personnel, students, and members.

vi.  Prepares and recommends to the board a master budget.

vii.  Provides for the generation, maintenance, and distribution of a parent-focused school calendar as well as an internal master calendar.

 In addition to these duties, the Executive Director is responsible for other duties as assigned.



How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to: and/or

Bureaus: Colorado. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Operations / Administration. Salaries: 100,000 and above.