23 Sep 2020

Teacher Lower Elementary Reading Intervention Teacher

VOICE Charter School
 Queens County, New York, United States

Job Description


To serve as a resource for students in need of reading intervention services. The interventionist develops small group/individualized lesson plans and materials, conducts individualized/small group instruction, and assesses student performance and progress as a way to guide the intervention services provided. The Reading Interventionist works collaboratively with teachers to implement a quality literacy intervention program that is research-based and differentiated for student needs.

Major Responsibilities:

a)    Provides direct instruction to K-2 students identified as eligible for reading intervention in individual, and/or small group settings.

b)    Conducts student assessments to provide targeted interventions.

c)    Analyze reading miscues to determine scaffolding needs and build a learning progression for student intervention.

d)    Assists in creating a schedule for students to have access to the intervention support.

e)    Establishes clear objectives for all intervention support, and provides written evidence of preparation upon request.

f)      Regularly creates and conducts formal and informal assessments to monitor student needs, drive instruction, and provides data reports of student performance to required staff members.

g)    Plans to meet student learning goals, choosing appropriate literacy strategies, resources, manipulatives, and materials to differentiate instruction; developing appropriate sequencing of literacy learning experiences; and allowing multiple ways to demonstrate knowledge and skill in literacy.

h)    Engages students in understanding and identifying quality work and provides them with effective feedback to improve their work in literacy.

i)      Creates learning environments in which individual differences are respected and valued.

j)      Collaborates with families, school teachers and staff, and other professionals to promote student growth and development in literacy.

k)    Collaborates as a school team and with classroom teachers, giving feedback on researched-based literacy practice, examining student reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, analyzing data, and making decisions to improve student learning.

l)      Participates in staff development focused on delivery of literacy instruction, intervention, and assessment. Assists staff members in learning various assessment techniques in literacy.

m)  Engages in professional learning to enhance his/her knowledge and skill in literacy, contribute to the knowledge and skill of others, and work collaboratively to advance professional practice in literacy.

I.         Staff-Wide Professional Expectations

a.    Embrace and be an ambassador of VOICE’s mission, vision and values

b.    Collaborate communicate and maintain effective and professional relationships as member of an interdisciplinary team of educators, support staff, and administrators

c.     Participate in required meetings and events, which may include student events, school concerts, parent-teacher conferences, on- and off-site conferences and trainings, and others.

d.    Meet expectations related to punctuality and professionalism including but not limited to reporting to work on time, following the appropriate call-out and lateness procedures, timely responding to emails, consistently meeting deadlines and communicating appropriately on progress on projects and goals.

e.    Proactively and appropriately seek assistance and/or guidance when faced with challenges appropriately provide and receive feedback to/from students, parents, faculty, classroom assistants, support staff, and administration

f.      Reflect on professional practice through self-reflection and engagement in informal and formal feedback processes

Position Qualifications:

Educational Background and Work Experience


●      Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

●      New York State teaching certification

●      Teaching or student teaching experience in a school


●      Master’s Degree with Reading emphasis

●      New York State teaching certification in Students with Disabilities, Special Ed, or ESL

●      Experience with and interest in working with high needs students

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

●      VOICE’s mission, vision, values and culture

●      Effective skills in self-management including but not limited to meeting deadlines, effective prioritization of tasks, self-organization, managing up, and efficient time and task management

●      Ability to gather and analyze data using defined and differentiated processes

●      Tact and sensitivity, including but not limited to adhering to confidentiality obligations such as mandated reporting as part of child protection

●      Ability to build strong and effective collegial relationships as part of an interdisciplinary team of educators and administrators

●      Ability to build warm individual relationships with students

●      Ability to communicate and build relationships effectively and appropriately with diverse range of individuals, including but not limited to current and prospective children and families, colleagues, and external partners

●      Teaching and classroom

o  VOICE Teaching Framework

o  Common Core and other content area standards

o  Curriculum design principles

o  Child learning theory and behavioral approaches, teacher techniques

o  Differentiation strategies (conferencing; small group work); basic understanding of English as a Second Language and SpEd approaches and procedures

o  Elements of effective classroom environment and management

●      Building effective sequential long-term plans and mastery-oriented short term plans

●      Maintaining high academic expectations through purposeful building of thinking skills, standards-aligned independent practice, questioning and discussion techniques, high standards for language and evidence, and structured support for students

Behavioral Characteristics

●      Wonder, care, and efficacy

●      Commitment, authenticity, and passion

●      Critical thinking, including communication, analytical and strategic strengths

●      Grit and constant learning, including resilience and perseverance

●      Strong sense of personal responsibility, including discipline, self-accountability, and self-initiative

●      Sensitivity to environment, including humility, empathy and kindness

How to Apply

Please submit an electronic application (including a VOICE-specific cover letter and resume) at

Bureaus: New York. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Teacher.

Job expires in 1 day.