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1 Mar 2021

Teacher Math and Logic Teacher

The CUBE High School

Job Description

Who are we?

The CUBE High School opened in August 2019 with a ninth grade and will build out, one grade per year, to a full 9-12 high school.  One of the main differentiators of the CUBE is our curriculum model. We teach most of our courses as topic-based, six-week, co-taught, interdisciplinary classes.   Our innovative teaching method prepares learners to achieve at the highest academic levels, while also learning to think deeply, solve challenges, and practice creativity with compassion and empathy. When students graduate from our school, they not only have a solid foundation of knowledge, they also have the hands-on skills and the ability to convey their learning that will allow them to excel in their future.

The success of this model depends on passionate teachers and staff who love working with kids. We aim to teach knowledge and passion, skills and character. And that means that we, as a staff, are knowledgable, passionate, skilled, and character-driven. It means that we love the subject we teach, and it means we love integrating it into the fabric of other content areas as well. It means we look for the biology in pizza-making, the physics in mountain biking, and the literary references in TV shows. Our staff members continually ask themselves the question, “what’s best for kids?”

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What are we looking for?

There is no subject in high school that elicits the “when will I ever use this?”reaction from students more than mathematics. High schools—from large comprehensive schools to STEM schools to progressive and project-based schools—have long struggled to make math relevant to student’s life and interest. The greatest factor we’ve seen in making a math classroom exceptional is the teacher. Brilliant math teachers not only make sure they tether high school math to relevant parts of a student’s life, they also impart on students a love of math in its own right. They push students to seek out the puzzles, creativity, and beauty in mathematics.

We’re looking for a teacher who can inspire every student to love math. We want someone who challenges all students to excel in math, whether accelerated math students doing trigonometric identities or struggling students trying to solve basic algebraic equations. We  want a math teacher who thinks about the applications of high school math, and who gets excited about the prospect of using math to explain phenomena in everything from Physics and Chemistry to American Literature and Poetry. 

Desired Mindsets & Habits

    • Loves working with students/building student relationships
    • Collaborates openly and honestly, embracing a positive mindset
    • Driven by a desire to challenge and support all students in mathematics
    • Seeks to learn the math inherent in other disciplines
    • Ability to meet multiple deadlines
    • High sense of quality in work they create
    • Willingness to give and receive feedback with growth mindset
    • Belief that school should be a place of support and fun for students and staff

Responsibilities and Outcomes

    • Teach math content including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus
    • Effectively uses math as a tool to understand cross disciplinary subject areas
    • Set high academic achievement expectations that foster exceptional student growth and proficiency 
    • Implement effective Project-Based Learning techniques and strategies to maximize student learning
    • Provide timely feedback and collaborates with faculty to offer specialized support for all students
    • Foster student growth through semi-annual Student-Led Conferences and Presentations of Learning
    • Scaffold instructional activities that facilitate engaging and appropriate learning opportunities
    • Implements backward design to align all lessons, activities, and assessments
    • Design effective formal and informal assessments that measure student progress
    • A strong opinion on the best toppings for a pizza (preferred)
    • Serve as advisor to roughly 15 students, coaching and facilitating academic and social/emotional success

How to Apply

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Bureaus: Colorado. Job Categories: Full-Time. Job Types: Teacher. Salaries: 40,000 - 60,000.